Out of Character

by Tianna and the Cliffhangers

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This is my 3rd full length album. It is a collection of 15 songs about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and my life. I wrote most of these in my bedroom and some at college. They were all recorded on my bedroom floor. I play all the instruments you hear - guitar, mandolin, banjolele, xylophone, drums, tambourine, and eggshaker.


released 09 September 2013

Thanks to Stephanie Anderson for mastering the songs, Katie Hall for singing on Lion and the Moon, and you, for being awesome.




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Track Name: Adrenaline
I’m gone, I’m out, never gonna look back
Don’t wait for me, don’t try and find me
Cause you’ll just get led right off the track
You’ll always be a what if
And I don’t care if you’re changing
You’ll always be a sulking Death Eater, woah

And I’m outta here faster than you can say sorry
The river’s wide but the country road so much longer
And tonight, the southern stars are shining bright
So I’ll find the way back to where I’m supposed to be

And these are the moments when your heart really beats
You can feel the adrenaline in your feet
Telling you to go, go, go, go, go, run far away from here
And something that I can’t describe it lets me down every time

And I’m outta here faster than you can say sorry
The river’s wide but the country road so much longer
And tonight, the southern stars are shining bright
So I’ll find the way back to where I’m supposed to be

I’m sick of pretending like I need you
Maybe once in a blue moon you’ll stick to me like glue
Please I’m dying here I’m searching for something new
And not for a galleons dollars
Would I ever feel that way again
Track Name: Portkey to My Heart
There’s so few people and so many songs
And I knew this would happen all along

Trying to escape this hell
I’ve been looking for an apartment in Rivendell
We’ll adopt kneazles and it’ll be swell
To escape this hell

I don’t need a dashing knight
Just someone to talk to all night
I don’t feel fine when we’re apart cuz

You’ve got the portkey to my heart
You’ve got the portkey to my heart

I know I need to calm down but
I get so damn anxious
There’s no need for a frown
But I’m so very anxious

Trying to escape this hell
I’ve been looking for an apartment in Rivendell
We’ll adopt kneazles and it’ll be swell
To escape this hell
Escape this hell, escape this hell

My brain goes fuzzy and I can’t concentrate
I need you now but it’s a seven hour wait
Track Name: Time to Grow Up
As you drove away
Never meant to stay
Such a shame, dirty face
Never meant to stay

her on the mouth
she said “I meant my cheek”
I sat back awkwardly
Against the bus seat

For eighteen years, I’ve sat back longing
To get out there and live my life
You told me I’d be famous one day
So why don’t I try?

A dozen plays
Set my friends up
Against each other,
Set em up for the laughs

On all the boys
Didn’t realize they
Were just a familiar noise
Didn’t realize

(so why don’t I try?)
For eighteen years, you’ve sat there waiting
a burning apartment since 2002
You took my love for the city and shoved it
I’m cutting the strings, I’m not your puppet
Track Name: Fool
I was a fool
For thinking you cared
For seeing your name and jumping a foot
I was a fool
For all that I shared
You told me it’ll happen, just stay put

I didn’t care, what anyone thought
In several months I would’ve had you all to my self
And then you reached out, grabbed my heart
And squeezed it dry

I doubt the bruise will ever go away
It’s all I can do to wake up each day
It’s been years and who am I kidding
I’ve never been the one who’s winning

I slipped you a love potion
But it wore off
I mixed it well, I brewed it nice,
But the fates rolled their dice

they know I love me some competition
but when I look at you I lose my ambition
but we’ll both move on, and you’ll forget
we won’t give a shit about each other

who am I kidding
Track Name: Don't Be a Stranger
Lights out in the office
Hoping maybe you’ll notice
I can’t stop thinking of how we collided
I know you feel it too
Darling, I, I promise you
Your boyish gaze made my heart skip a beat (skip a beat)
I’ll buy you coffees every day if it means
You might just turn that smile on me (on me)

But you left me, made yourself busy
Don’t tell me, this is how it ought to be
You know I want you, and you want me
So please Draco, don’t be a stranger
Don’t be a stranger

You walked away, you snob
That’s usually my job
Not used to having the tables turned
Not ready to give up all that I’ve learned
Now all my friends think
I’m some kind of freak
As if I don’t assure myself already
Can’t seem keep my hands steady

But you kissed me, made my heart heavy
Don’t tell me, this ain’t where you want to be
This partnership is all that I have left keeping me awake, keeping me insane
You you you’re actin like a child, make make make my heart go wild
You led me on and yet I’m still hangin on, hangin on
So please draco, please draco,
don’t be a stranger, don’t be a stranger,
don’t don’t don’t don’t be a stranger
Track Name: Blood
Birthdays and holidays
Are any other day
When you got married
I was 2000 miles away, I
Hear about you from the phone calls
I eavesdrop, I’m sorry
I ever cared
Enough to say goodbye

it’s too late to pretend you’ll walk up the hill
with those skull tattoos, said “she’s dead to me”
I don’t know who you became
But I don’t want to share your name
Sister, you’re out of my life
And I tried, I tried, I tried, to be you, I tried (x2)

We’re 5 years apart
And I’ve replaced you
With posters, in your bedroom
You were never happy with me
Not when you were bleeding
I grew up, you saw me afterward,
But you’ll never see me again
No you’ll never see me again, never again

We have the same blood
But we’re strangers
(x2) They could cut me open, and they’d find that we’re strangers

and I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, know whats coming next
Track Name: Hey Ginny
Hey Ginny I know
I’ve been in the wrong
It really should not
Have taken this long
You’ve given me countless chances
Trying on other romances

I knew it from the moment when you
Sped forward on that shoddy old broom
Snatched the Snitch from under Cho’s nose
I guess I’d better tell Ron, it’s best if he knows

Hey Ginny can you recommend
What I’m sposed to do when we get to the end
It’s not like we’ll get married or anything
But I mean it when I say, I say, this aint no summer fling

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny my dear
Ginny, Ginny, I wanna hold you near
Every every every night on the Marauder’s Map
I check I check to make sure you’re in tact

Hey Ginny you know
What you do to me?
when your blazing gaze hits, oh I can’t see
I’m gonna miss you babe more than you know
Just hold me tight before, before I go
Ginny, ginny, ginny will you marry me
Track Name: April
Sit, sit next to me, I’d say
Cause this isn’t going away
Lie, lie right down, right there
With my fingers in your hair

And when I wanna die
Will you be by my side
I knew it’d be a disaster,
Why did I feel so sure

Ultimately it had to be you or him
Right now I think I’m seeing the Grim
I prayed for the selfish thoughts to go away
Now I beg for them to return some day

And when I wanna die
Will you be by my side
You knew it’d be a disaster,
Why did you let me feel so sure

You’ll be my friends’ running gag
And I have reason to brag
Because to me all talk is trash
So let’s recycle while we can
How could someone so sweet
End up shooting bullets in my feet

And when I wanna die
You won’t be by my side
I knew it would be a disaster
Why did you let me feel so sure
Track Name: Seabound
I been runnin around tryna find a new home
Wishing and hoping but never lots to roam
Well I made it past second but never all the way
This time I’ll make you understand what I’m saying

I guess I’m
Maybe I’m meant for the sea

Isn’t it funny how much you change in one week
potential is killing me and I’m on my knees
Oh how I wish we could just start again
Instead of playing pretend, “let’s be friends”
Or is it just me
Freaking out again

you say this isn’t how you wanted it to be
well why don’t you make that reality
you say you wanted us to see
so much more than this
but I can’t wait this is war
I’ve gotta march out the front door
But that’s a dangerous business

I guess I’m
Maybe I’m meant for the
Maybe I’m meant for the sea
Track Name: If My Life is a Joke
If my life is a joke
Then you’re the punch line
You think every day is yours
We all know what you do behind closed doors
Maybe that’s why I smile
When I take your picture
I know nothing you do can look as good as me

You stay in your prejudice country
I’ll keep the lead in my knee
I don’t care what they say, I’m gonna stay hungry
For the kind of drama that feeds my dreams

Then in my nightmare we’ll share a smile
And you’ll say, “girls don’t go with girls”
Baby come back to me, I’ll give you all you need
Excuse me while I vomit on your feet

You stay in your…

If my life is a joke..
Id like to see you try to look as good as me
I know nothing you do could look as good as me

Don’t tell me, don’t tell me how to be